This project was all about creating a serene and warm space integrated with the surroundings of the desert, giving the project name Livable Desert. We pulled inspiration from the exterior by using earthy tones and various textures. This was our client’s first family home so they wanted something they can grow into throughout the years. We used different types of durable materials such as white oak and quartzite stone and played around with organic shapes to promote a playful environment such as color blocking in the nursery and painting a mural in the son’s bedroom.

Family is very important to our clients and we wanted to make sure we designed each room according to their needs and wants. The wife requested a dark office for her line of work so we integrated LEDs into the custom built-ins adding a more moody effect. We elevated this tract home by incorporating stone accents and custom lighting creating an elevated hospitality feel.

Phoenix, AZ
Interiors: Iconic by Kaitlyn Wolfe

Livable Desert

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