Seeing Wander Salon come to life from beginning to end, was one of the best experiences! We had to completely re-work the floor plan, as the suite was previous a print shop. The salon is located inside of Barnone, which is a barn that has been converted into a retail space with many different local makers.

Due to the barn’s structure, the largest, most usable wall was curved. We designed these framed pop-outs for the styling stations, which allowed the cabinets to be recessed. One of the main design elements in the salon is the mappa burl cabinetry. The contrast with the polished concrete floors gives the space a vintage feel. We layered the space with some beige cabinetry, wallpaper and a slat wall. The slat wall completely hides the electrical panel. We chose a black and white terrazzo countertop for the mixing station and olive pleated shades over each styling station, giving the salon a French Modern feel. We sourced vintage artwork, accessories and furniture throughout.

Scottsdale, AZ
Interiors: Iconic by Kaitlyn Wolfe
Construction: Mosa-AZ Contracting

Wander Salon

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